Network and Servers

Azure e1541603592291 runs on Microsoft Azure. Our services are backed by one of the leading providers of cloud infrastructure.

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Our servers are configured in a virtual environment with redundant hardware using the Microsoft server operating system.

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Maximum data security. We maintain the required technology and the best program to guarantee our clients a secure connection. All information travels through a secure SSL port.

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The exchange of information between you and is encrypted by MDS and cannot be accessed by any other user identification or authorized person.

qualys e1541603567666

The appropriate security protocols and encryption are configured. Our web server was rated “A” by the most recent test of the Qualys SSL lab server.

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Fortinet Firewalls are used to control access to and from our network and servers. This protects us from attacks or unauthorized access attempts.


Systems are protected by top of the market antivirus systems with centralized management and latest anti-virus signatures.


To ensure continuity of services use two of the leading Internet Service Providers using fiber optic and wireless links for Internet connection redundancy.

internet stores all critical transactions and / or approved instructions through our website in accessible records 24/7.


The platform defines the duration of each session to end it automatically when there is no activity or when the running system is left unattended.


Our facilities are equipped with advanced security and access control 24/7.


All data processed by Platform is encrypted in transit.